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Training Center:        678-880-0884
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Fax:                   678-493-6793

Medication Technician

We train Medication Technicians at Cherokee Angel Senior Care and Training Center for a career in adult health care settings. Medication Technicians or Med Techs can work in assisted living homes, ground homes, elderly care homes and nursing homes.

A Med Tech will be assigned to pass out medication in a long-term care facilities so we equip our students to be functional and competent in this field. Medications that will be administered by Med Techs include but are not limited to:

  • eye and ear drops
  • inhalants
  • nasal
  • ointments
  • oral medication
  • rectal medication
  • sub-lingual
  • trans-dermal
  • vaginal medication

Completing the training course enables the Medication Technician to be certified. He or she will be required to renew his or her licensed every two years.