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Training Center:        678-880-0884
Facility:                  678-493-9922
Fax:                   678-493-6793

Proxy Caregiver Training

Proxy Caregivers play a very important role in the well-being and health of a patient who is at home or at a Personal Care Home Facility. We know that family members are always the primary caregiver who takes charge of their loved ones’ health. However, they are human too – they need rest. Taking a break every now and then prevents burn out.

While the patient’s family member is away from home on vacation or going to work during the day, Proxy Caregivers can take over their tasks.

Cherokee Angel Senior Care & Training Center provides training for proxy caregivers in accordance to the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Community Health (DCH) and the Healthcare Facility Regulations (HFR). The Training will give you the skills needed to perform daily health maintenance activities.

Cherokee Angel Senior Care also provides the following services to Personal Care Home facilities:

  • Supervision of Proxy Caregivers
  • Supervision of Residence Health Maintenance Activities
  • Annual skills evaluations
  • Contracted Proxy Caregiver services to Personal Care Homes
  • Policy and Procedure writing for facilities delivering services through Proxy Caregivers

***** Please contact the training center for additional information *****